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6 plants to enjoy a spring without allergies

With the outbreak of pollen in fields, forests and cities, allergies are being shot. Find out which plants reduce your annoying symptoms.


Resultado de imagen de Knautia arvensis

It is not difficult to run into a scabious (Knautia arvensis) when walking through the countryside: common in meadows, pastures and screes, blooms in spring and summer so it is visited by bees and other Hymenoptera. For medicinal purposes the leaves or the whole plant are harvested.
It has purifying, healing and laxative properties.


This plant, popular but little studied, had been used in chickenpox and measles. Today it is mainly indicated in allergic outbreaks with more or less intense itching, the itching around the eye and the rhinitis. It is No less useful against insect bites.

Is taken in:

Infusion: A handful of chopped leaves (or four tablespoons) per liter of water. It is allowed to rest, strain and drink during the day.
Compresses on the irritated area and eyelids in eye washes when conjunctivitis is present.