Alga nori: 12 properties, benefits and uses in recipes –

Alga nori: 12 properties, benefits and uses in recipes


How are seaweeds eaten? What kind of seaweed is used for sushi?
In this article we answer your questions about nori seaweed so that you can discover its properties and find out how to use nori seaweed in recipes.
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The nori seaweed has nutritional qualities that can be very interesting due to the benefits it brings to your health. Here’s some information to give you a clear idea of the properties of nori seaweed and how nori seaweed is used in sushi and other recipes.


What is nori seaweed leaf? Characteristics of nori seaweed

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His scientific name is Porphyra yezoensis.

It is easy to identify this seaweed because it is the «black thing» that surrounds sushi. It is a very thin sheet (it has that shape because it has dried, toasted and pressed) of a dark green color.

This seaweed, like other well-known types of algae such as spirulina, fucus, kombu, wakame, or agar agar, are widely consumed in Asian countries such as Japan. In fact, Japan produces two-thirds of the nori seaweed consumed worldwide.

This type of seaweed is obtained mainly by cultivation and then drying in ovens or in the sun.