NASA is running ‘End Of The World’ experiments and nobody knows about it –

NASA is running ‘End Of The World’ experiments and nobody knows about it

Although the end of the world is nowhere in sight, it’s never too late to prepare, right? That’s what NASA’s first Planetary Defense Officer Lindley Johnson thinks. Johnson has been preparing for a planetary Armaggedeon for a long time now and has helped NASA to develop the right technology for the job since 2003. Read on to see why no one knows about NASA’s “end of the world” experiment.

Out Of This World

Resultado de imagen de planeta tierra

While most people are worried about their everyday problems, Lindley Johnson is concerned about the world’s end. It’s his personal mission to protect the planet from potential threats from space. That’s why Johnson is leading a team of NASA scientists to research a doomsday model of New York City just in case anything happens to the Big Apple. After serving in the Air Force for more than two decades, Johnson had the skills and the experience to join the league of extraordinary astronauts at NASA.

As the space agency’s premiere Planetary Defense Officer, Johnson uses analytics to determine the trajectory of hypothetical space rocks speeding towards Earth. Despite the fact that the majority of meteorites that travel toward Earth are relatively tiny, there’s always the possibility of a bigger threat. Thankfully, researchers speculated that if a gigantic asteroid ever did start careening towards Earth, then it would most likely land in the center of the ocean. However, Johnson is not satisfied with mere luck saving us from potential obliteration. Fortunately, we have NASA and Lindley Johnson on our side!